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Since I was a very young child I have enjoyed doing anything artistic or musical. I was fortunate enough that when I asked questions like "can I break my mirrors to make a mosaic installment and glue it on my walls?", I had a mother that always said "of course!” I painted for over ten years, drew comics and portraits, and made artwork out of anything that I could find. I have always LOVED working with my hands and making something out of what appeared to be nothing.


I graduated high school and enrolled in my first college course when I was fifteen to explore all kinds of art. Photography became important to me at the age of sixteen when I lost one of my closest friends in a tragic accident and I didn't have a single photo of him! The next semester I enrolled in my first photography class and purchased my first camera. My first day in the lab developing all the photos I had taken was magical as images appeared on the paper. It was the most amazing thing that I had ever created. For the first time I wasn't just making art but using all my creativity and skills to preserve lasting memories of sights and people. Every extra cent that I had went towards photo paper and film. My camera had become my constant companion.

The most important thing to me is capturing a time with the people I love and keeping those memories forever. To be able to transform a time spent with your family into a visual memory that you can hold in you hand and share with another generation is a priceless gift.



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